War of Nations: PvP Conflict

Play War of Nations: PvP Conflict on PC

Published by PopReach Incorporated

  • Last Updated: 2021-09-29
  • Current version: 6.8.9
  • File size: 117.99 MB
  • Works with: Windows 10/8/7 and Mac Computers
Gamer Score: 2.69655/5
From 145 Votes

War of Nations: PvP Conflict Game for PC Screenshots

How To download, install and play War of Nations: PvP Conflict on Pc

To install and play the War of Nations: PvP Conflict on your PC or Mac, we have painstakingly written these instructions to get the game running on your computer. Now follow the 4 simple steps below:

1: Download an Android emulator

The best emulators on the market are - a. Nox App and b. Bluestacks . You can download any of these. Note: You will need at least 1GB of free space on your computer.

2: Install the emulator on your computer

  • Go to the Downloads folder on your computer to locate the emulator application.

  • Install the app.

  • Accept the license agreement.

  • Follow the on screen directives in order to install the application properly.

  • If you do the above correctly, the Emulator app will be successfully installed.

3: Installing War of Nations: PvP Conflict Game on your PC

  • Open your Emulator app. In the search bar, type War of Nations: PvP Conflict and search.

  • You will see the War of Nations: PvP Conflict game icon. Click it.

  • A window will open with your app in it and an Install button on the right.

  • Now, click the Install button and your Game will start downloading.

  • You will see an icon called "All Apps".

  • Click it and to go to a page containing all your installed Games.

  • You will see the installed War of Nations: PvP Conflict app. Start playing the Game.

Download for Andriod, Iphone

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Download on Android

Thank you for reading this tutorial. Have a nice day!

App Information

Build your military empire and conquer your enemies by becoming a war mastermind. Raise a powerful army and join an alliance to take over the world in this free-to-play MMO Strategy game. NEW – Report to Alliance Base, one of the biggest game expansions yet! Explore new environments, construct new buildings, and collect new resources in your march to victory. Then, vanquish your enemies in epic single-player Campaigns and recruit new Commanders, Specialists and Implants to seize the day. =WAR OF NATIONS FEATURES= EXPLORE AN OPEN WORLD Build up to 11 outposts on a giant world map occupied by other players. Strategically choose the best coordinates by building on rare resource patches and avoiding enemy territory. BUILD & MANAGE STRATEGIC ALLIANCES Coordinate attacks with up to 50 players around the globe. Join a strong Alliance to protect each other and devastate enemy bases. BATTLE IN SINGLE-PLAYER MODE All-new Single-Player Campaigns will challenge players like never before! Come back daily for new missions and rewards! MANAGE YOUR ALLIANCE BASE Introducing an all-new hub for your Alliance. Build the powerful Alliance Command, Monument and Material Compound to get the leg up and enable team boosts. DEPLOY BATTLE TACTICS Overwhelm your enemies with different battle strategies by stealing, raiding, capturing, or occupying enemy bases. Level up your defense by building base shields or teleporting outposts. RECRUIT UNDEAD SOLDIERS Recruit new Zombie Commanders to lead your army and devastate the enemy. UPGRADE & FUSE YOUR STRONGEST COMMANDERS Artificially fuse & equip your commander with hi-tech gear. Send the toughest ones with your units to conquer your enemies. UNLOCK POWERFUL HI-TECH UNITS Research to unlock up to 18+ powerful units with multiple levels of upgrades. ENGAGE IN REAL-TIME EVENTS Display the power of your alliance in World Domination, King of the Hill, Players Arm Race & more. ACCUMULATE VIP POINTS Collect rewards for playing, including larger armies, Commander upgrades, exclusive events and much more. Conquer the world with high-tech weapons, powerful Commanders and vicious specialists. Level up and explore to gain the upper hand, and crush the opposition. Download War of Nations and claim your territory today! Visit our Forums: http://forums.popreach.com/ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/WarOfNationsMMO Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WarOfNations/ Watch us on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC3d94dVqq6hCb-WGNExZqw/feed Use of this application is governed by PopReach Terms of Service. In addition, please note that PopReach respects your privacy and asks you to review the PopReach Privacy Policy. The PopReach Terms of Service and Privacy Policy can be found in the Legal section below as well as at: Terms of Service: https://popreach.com/terms-of-service/ Privacy Policy: https://popreach.com/privacy-policy/ Customer Support: http://support.popreach.com/

Top Game Reviews

  • Server errors ….connection errors
    By kobar007

    Your response to contact developers ….I’ve given step by step instructions to the developers to follow and the issue still exists. Players are loosing troops because of connection errors and your response is we are looking into it. This app is for coiners and there is no support.

  • Find another game
    By slaughter1129

    I’ve been playing since this game came out (9-10 years). It’s changed ownership a few times but now the game is unplayable. The lag is horrible, game goes down weekly. The developers know the game is actually broken. I’m not even sure how this game is still able to be up. Soooo many people have had to get refunds from iTunes. The game is getting worse and not better.

  • Coiners only
    By 55's

    The rest try to have fun, and complain about coiners ruining the fun.

  • Game sucks more now!!!
    By Game Fkn Sucks

    Only thing consistent is the lag and the repetitive events. Make sure you have a high credit card limit if you want to actually get ahead. Nothing good to say about this game anymore.

  • Don’t do it!
    By Game Girl Master

    Commander experimental and normal upgrades are fixed so that you spend lots of $$$. Its good if you like that kind of thing. Alliance events such as ‘Alliance Wars’ are not competitive at all. Look at new W8, a guy gets 100Bil points building and hitting his own units...every week! Spoiler alert, he wins the event every week. Wow nice team event. Developers don’t take criticism seriously to do anything about these issues that draw people away from game.

  • Ok, needs improvement
    By DDS2182

    Not a bad game, could use better graphics, a better cinematic mode for battles, and a story.

  • Worst Game
    By tiltedallthetime

    Do not waste your Money. I have played this game for many years. It’s always been full of bugs with lots of issues and unresolved complaints. My biggest mistake has been drawn into constantly spending large sums of monies for very little value. It’s filled with disappointment through a series of poor decision making by the company about delivering quality of service for the amount being spent supporting the ongoing teams within this game.

  • Used to be a good game
    By war clone

    I played this game quite a while ago and it was a very enjoyable game, but I re-downloaded it and now it just gives an unknown error when I go to the commanders in the tutorial. Did the servers just get shut down or...?

  • Hot mess
    By Bobcaygeon80

    Many features introduced by prior owners (GREE and PopReach) are left in pieces. You need to spend a lot to be moderately competitive at this game. Almost no point in new players playing. Events are stale and glitchy. Not much in the way of competitive balance.

  • Don't do it. Don't even think it!
    By Yepok

    Unless your willing to spend real money, you can't be competitive. If your not competitive, you will lose enjoyment, and leave the game in frustration. Horrible "support". Also, the "top players" use multiple accounts to bolster their main account. So you will find someone you might beat... and then get wiped out by their "other" account. You can't build up, because you will become "farmed". I started to spend money to try and compete. Then more money to support my team (events). Then even more money to build more competitive units, then more money to... Avoid this game. I guarantee you will hate this game.

  • I don’t know
    By To David

    I don’t know but here’s stars

  • Last one standing
    By Zomolongadingdong

    Ive been playing this game on and off for a few years and i am now the last of my guild, because I’m not a high ranking commander i cant access the resources or rebuild the guild. Is there a way of fixing this issue?