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Play Truck Stop Tycoon on PC

Published by 婷 席

  • Last Updated: 2023-01-09
  • Current version: 1.0.16
  • File size: 270.71 MB
  • Works with: Windows 10/8/7 and Mac Computers
Gamer Score: 4.60377/5
From 4,939 Votes

Truck Stop Tycoon Game for PC Screenshots

How To download, install and play Truck Stop Tycoon on Pc

To install and play the Truck Stop Tycoon on your PC or Mac, we have painstakingly written these instructions to get the game running on your computer. Now follow the 4 simple steps below:

1: Download an Android emulator

The best emulators on the market are - a. Nox App and b. Bluestacks . You can download any of these. Note: You will need at least 1GB of free space on your computer.

2: Install the emulator on your computer

  • Go to the Downloads folder on your computer to locate the emulator application.

  • Install the app.

  • Accept the license agreement.

  • Follow the on screen directives in order to install the application properly.

  • If you do the above correctly, the Emulator app will be successfully installed.

3: Installing Truck Stop Tycoon Game on your PC

  • Open your Emulator app. In the search bar, type Truck Stop Tycoon and search.

  • You will see the Truck Stop Tycoon game icon. Click it.

  • A window will open with your app in it and an Install button on the right.

  • Now, click the Install button and your Game will start downloading.

  • You will see an icon called "All Apps".

  • Click it and to go to a page containing all your installed Games.

  • You will see the installed Truck Stop Tycoon app. Start playing the Game.

Download for Andriod, Iphone

Free On iTunes
Download on Android

Thank you for reading this tutorial. Have a nice day!

App Information

"A truck stop, known as a service station in the United Kingdom, and a travel center by major chains in the United States, is a commercial facility which provides refuelling, rest, and often ready-made food and other services to motorists and truck drivers. Truck stops are usually located on or near a busy road. In this game you will try to build the World’s Largest Truckstop. You may aske drivers for their advice on what would make a trucker’s life more enjoyable, and then build your truck stop accordingly."

Top Game Reviews

  • Getting bored
    By Driver567556

    I can’t upgrade any buildings, due to low vault levels. I can’t unlock staff due to not being able to unlock the next levels of the builds n vault. So how do I get to unlock the vault level ??? It’s says I require level 11 yet I’m maxed at 10 🤷‍♂️

  • Update!
    By Gurnoor Singh 👍

    Helloooooo? Is the development team even alive we need an update been like 4 months waiting for the update…. Please be a little more quick. Thanks otherwise awesome game would give a 5 star if regular updates were there.

  • Good until….
    By meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedk

    Overloaded advertisements!!! Get to a point where you can’t do anything at all because you need purchase construction workers to build stations or purchase your piggy bank because all your gems get banked in there instead of to play the game. This would be a lot better if the piggy bank would release my gems, and I could get construction workers without paying my own money.

  • Too many ads and no way to progress
    By Keemton

    First of all I understand they need to make money as it is a free game… however ever 20-30 seconds there is a 45 second ad it’s so ridiculous it’s just an ad simulator not a mobile game. Next once you hit a certain point in the game where your vault is a certain size the game almost forced you to get on of the vault boosts which cost real money!! There should always be an option to be free to play. Deleted and will never play again!!!

  • Disappointed
    By EmptyRoyal

    Can’t progress in the game, either broken or incomplete. Clearly poor quality game development

  • Needs an update!
    By Randyfoosef150

    Waste of time playing it as you can’t get past level 10 vault.

  • Can’t Upgrade
    By 55sly

    Why can’t the bank upgrade past level 10? The bank requires a level 11 in order for other upgrade to occur. Ya’ll on strike or what?

  • To many ads
    By Opticww

    game has an add every 3 minutes corporate greed right here don’t even download the game waste off time

  • Waste of time, broken game
    By Gio Mtl

    Can’t upgrade my vault past level 10 so it blocks me from upgrading all the other things.

  • Fun game butttttt……,
    By Blokker

    It’s fun game but I get the message for other upgrades I need to upgrade the vault to level 11…. You can’t it won’t allow you to! So the game is unplayable now.

  • Problems
    By Ghosh disused jckiesixhcc

    You guys have reviews for august and September that both say you guys haven’t added a vault 11 with means it’s been 7 months and u guys haven’t had this “update” to me that is your biggest problem like if you guys are having a really big update soon or something you should just add a vault 11 before then cause all your doing is loosing players

  • Vault bug
    By Buck107383

    It doesn’t let us upgrade to lvl 11 with the vault