Color Flow 3D

Play Color Flow 3D on PC

Published by Good Job Games

  • Last Updated: 2020-05-21
  • Current version: 2.0
  • File size: 327.42 MB
  • Works with: Windows 10/8/7 and Mac Computers
Gamer Score: 4.18764/5
From 922 Votes

Color Flow 3D Game for PC Screenshots

How To download, install and play Color Flow 3D on Pc

To install and play the Color Flow 3D on your PC or Mac, we have painstakingly written these instructions to get the game running on your computer. Now follow the 4 simple steps below:

1: Download an Android emulator

The best emulators on the market are - a. Nox App and b. Bluestacks . You can download any of these. Note: You will need at least 1GB of free space on your computer.

2: Install the emulator on your computer

  • Go to the Downloads folder on your computer to locate the emulator application.

  • Install the app.

  • Accept the license agreement.

  • Follow the on screen directives in order to install the application properly.

  • If you do the above correctly, the Emulator app will be successfully installed.

3: Installing Color Flow 3D Game on your PC

  • Open your Emulator app. In the search bar, type Color Flow 3D and search.

  • You will see the Color Flow 3D game icon. Click it.

  • A window will open with your app in it and an Install button on the right.

  • Now, click the Install button and your Game will start downloading.

  • You will see an icon called "All Apps".

  • Click it and to go to a page containing all your installed Games.

  • You will see the installed Color Flow 3D app. Start playing the Game.

Download for Andriod, Iphone

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Download on Android

Thank you for reading this tutorial. Have a nice day!

App Information

What you see is what you get. Extremely easy to play yet not that easy to give up. Adjust pins by pulling or dragging them. Make your way trough pipes. Let the water flow and fill the cups.

Top Game Reviews

  • Great Ads
    By Trolip

    I love how after every 15 second ad they let you play a 5 second game!!!!

  • Boring
    By Agarand

    Quick easy levels with an 30 second ad played between each one

  • Could have been great
    By Bo_biel

    The ad implies it will be much more challenging than it is. They basically recycle the same 10 levels or so over and over.

  • Oh... it’s this all over again
    By Wind Caller

    This “game” or more like physics simulator... Not really worth playing as it’s simply just too easy, there is 0 challenge whatsoever, and just like other games of this style it repeats levels to compensate for the lack of level design and the illusion of “infinite gameplay” sorry but this is horrible game design and an advert simulator designed to farm cash off children...

  • Can't play without adds.... :(
    By Mayk77

    You have to watch an add afterneach lvl. Can't even progress without annoying adds. And very cheap design and graphics; compared tonall the playrix & other games that use the same mecanic for their fake adds.

  • Completely ridiculous waste of time
    By retard monkey

    I hope before you play this game, you either suffer from severe mental or physical defects. Despite being given the illusion of puzzles and thought provoking activities to pass the time, these “programmers” have literally defecated on a hard drive, lit it on fire, salvaged the scrap and called it a game. Unless you have had your brain partially removed, and are trying to recover basic cognitive function, don’t waste your time. I’m fairly certain that even the most basic rehabilitation programs are more taxing, and they at least call themselves REHABILITATION PROGRAMS!!! Puzzle games are supposed to be puzzling!!

  • Terrible
    By ryan ryan nayr


  • Boring...insultingly easy
    By Gil in Edmonton

    OMG...this would be boring for a four year old...

  • Really...
    By Mikolecat

    First I got this with the marketing scheme of its harder than it looks They put one ad per level and I had to turn off wifi so playing three levels won’t take 3 min Then I think they get tired of making levels they repeated one style of level three times in a row only changing colors I don’t suggest buying this app it is very glitchy and unfinished with colors mixing If you want a game like this I suggest splash canyons

  • Disappointing
    By aidan_welsford

    The ad made it look like there was at least a little challenge involved, but the levels are all so simple. I spent most of my time watching ads

  • Level 25
    By 🙀😺😸👼👱👴👹👺💩🔥👅

    All the goo stuff just shoots out the top making it impossible

  • horrible
    By Monkey206

    The game seemed fun from the ad i saw so i downloaded, several levels in it was extremely easy, and when i say easy, i mean that as in you had to move 1 bar and then you won. the ad is so deceiving