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  • Last Updated: 2022-06-03
  • Current version: 1.0.7
  • File size: 156.06 MB
  • Works with: Windows 10/8/7 and Mac Computers
Gamer Score: 4.57918/5
From 644 Votes

Metalstorm Game for PC Screenshots

How To download, install and play Metalstorm on Pc

To install and play the Metalstorm on your PC or Mac, we have painstakingly written these instructions to get the game running on your computer. Now follow the 4 simple steps below:

1: Download an Android emulator

The best emulators on the market are - a. Nox App and b. Bluestacks . You can download any of these. Note: You will need at least 1GB of free space on your computer.

2: Install the emulator on your computer

  • Go to the Downloads folder on your computer to locate the emulator application.

  • Install the app.

  • Accept the license agreement.

  • Follow the on screen directives in order to install the application properly.

  • If you do the above correctly, the Emulator app will be successfully installed.

3: Installing Metalstorm Game on your PC

  • Open your Emulator app. In the search bar, type Metalstorm and search.

  • You will see the Metalstorm game icon. Click it.

  • A window will open with your app in it and an Install button on the right.

  • Now, click the Install button and your Game will start downloading.

  • You will see an icon called "All Apps".

  • Click it and to go to a page containing all your installed Games.

  • You will see the installed Metalstorm app. Start playing the Game.

Download for Andriod, Iphone

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Download on Android

Thank you for reading this tutorial. Have a nice day!

App Information

Join real-time battles on the high sky, command your own fighter jet and team-up to destroy your enemies in intense and realistic air combat battles. Check out the extraordinary variety of fighter jets, maps, modes, and possible strategies that this air combat game has to offer! A truly free-to-play game. Real PvP Multiplayer! Join a squadron & fight for the victory. Play & chat online with your friends against real players around the world.

Top Game Reviews

  • Nice update
    By tripleslash048

    However, consistently winning 3 rounds often returns with an opponent team consisting of f14s, mig29s and etc etc. Im only lvl 8 with an f5 having to spend all 6 missiles to take out a maxed out fighter jet seems rather unfair & unrealistic. Even if all 6 of them were glancing blows on an f22/35. Please nerf! Great game, but you know it.

  • Fun game, but premium is a total rip off
    By AceTergerson

    Just bought the flight pass bundle cause it said it included 4 levels, didn’t get any level increase after purchase. This game is a real grind to level up and get new planes, there is no way I’m going to dump hundreds of dollars and 10s of thousands of hours of play into trying to get an F22, at this point id be happy with an F14 but that’s going to take me more than a month to get to

  • New maps and different game modes
    By ejdjdjsjwjrudhsnejfjdjejrbtb

    You should add new maps and different game mode because the game modes just repeat and it gets kinda boring and the maps are the same ones every time

  • MetalStorm.
    By Joint Heir Justin.

    Thank You for developing this game. In the last two years I was playing campaign mode for Blazing Angels. This game moves me forward. I like this game app. Cheer’s.

  • Few flaws, love it though
    By VenomKometta

    The only thing is the matchmaking puts a single bronze player against gold and silver squads, and the xp is very difficult to acquire, especially because you need to upgrade your plane to get xp.

  • Metal storm 🤙🏽
    By phantom687

    Having a blast great game play easy controls decent graphics, can’t wait to get in a super hornet

  • Unplayable since last update- level 30
    By Seababe City

    Have played this game for a long time. The last update really messed it up to the extent I have lost 61 matches in a row. That never happens to anyone. Matches are not balanced, really a shame. Rating of a 1 only because there is no 0. Fix your game. Guess I have to give it up for a while and if it doesn’t improve delete. Frustrated player here. Now with the most current update I can’t even play the game. Why was I docked 750 points and knocked down 3 levels?

  • Update please
    By sfexpress28

    Hello, when will the new updated be released? I’ve been waiting for F15 for a while.

  • Fix The Game!!!
    By Hasta Lasagnas

    Since the last update this game is now ruined... Horrible changes to the missile systems, points systems, ALL systems! Don't waste your money on this game that used to be pretty good but is now almost unplayable. FIX IT or lose your customer base!

  • Game was Maverick, now it’s Cougar
    By Nate Brooks

    Latest update is terrible. Like much of the economy comments, Jets I have are crap now, flares seem to not work always. I’ll lock on from long range and fire. Enemy lights off flares and my mussel loses lock immediately. When I do the same middle just hit me. Yes I’m turning also as developer says to do. Anyways enjoy the $15 you got from me when it was good. Won’t happen again.

  • Poor update
    By ytzxb3

    Was having a great time playing this game until the May 2022 update. Absolute crap now

  • Update sucks!!
    By TFEW rocks

    Thanks for wrecking the game!! It’s like it’s in slow motion now, I used to finish first or second, three games in a row now with zero kills. Totally joyless and boring now. Deleted!!