Clue: The Classic Mystery Game

Play Clue: The Classic Mystery Game on PC

Published by Marmalade Game Studio

  • Last Updated: 2019-11-12
  • Current version: 2.6.0
  • File size: 1.23 GB
  • Works with: Windows 10/8/7 and Mac Computers
Gamer Score: 4.5/5
From 1,239 Votes

Clue: The Classic Mystery Game Game for PC Screenshots

How To download, install and play Clue: The Classic Mystery Game on Pc

To install and play the Clue: The Classic Mystery Game on your PC or Mac, we have painstakingly written these instructions to get the game running on your computer. Now follow the 4 simple steps below:

1: Download an Android emulator

The best emulators on the market are - a. Nox App and b. Bluestacks . You can download any of these. Note: You will need at least 1GB of free space on your computer.

2: Install the emulator on your computer

  • Go to the Downloads folder on your computer to locate the emulator application.

  • Install the app.

  • Accept the license agreement.

  • Follow the on screen directives in order to install the application properly.

  • If you do the above correctly, the Emulator app will be successfully installed.

3: Installing Clue: The Classic Mystery Game Game on your PC

  • Open your Emulator app. In the search bar, type Clue: The Classic Mystery Game and search.

  • You will see the Clue: The Classic Mystery Game game icon. Click it.

  • A window will open with your app in it and an Install button on the right.

  • Now, click the Install button and your Game will start downloading.

  • You will see an icon called "All Apps".

  • Click it and to go to a page containing all your installed Games.

  • You will see the installed Clue: The Classic Mystery Game app. Start playing the Game.

Download for Andriod, Iphone

$5.49 On iTunes
Download on Android

Thank you for reading this tutorial. Have a nice day!

App Information

Clue is the classic mystery game - A grand mansion… a dastardly murder… a gathering of suspicious characters. Now you can play the beloved Hasbro family board game on the go. WHO, with WHAT weapon and WHERE? Download the official app and crack the case! Join Miss Scarlett, Colonel Mustard, Mrs Peacock, Mr Green, Dr Orchid and Professor Plum on a night of murder and mystery in Tudor Mansion. Mr Boddy has been murdered! But who did it? With what weapon? In which room? Roll the dice to move around the mansion and ask questions: “I suggest it was Miss Scarlett, with the Rope, in the Study!” Use the innovative logic-assisted virtual Clue Sheet to take notes and eliminate red herrings. Make brilliant deductions and solve the crime first!

Top Game Reviews

  • Great game play it for hours
    By Anna 1001

    I love this game and when I have time on my hands and no friends around this is my go to game.

  • fun
    By 99elyse

    would prefer a free option for Mrs. White

  • Great game
    By Libby-255

    Like the original. Bought the $50 package right from start. Just wish you could explore the rooms more thoroughly.

  • Bien
    By Gabriel (moi)

    Au début, j’ai été surpris de voir que certaines notes se prenaient toutes seules sur mon carnet, mais ça fait du sens qu’on aille pas à TOUT noter soi-même. Le jeu est bien, mais je me demande comment ils calculent notre nombre de parties, car je suis rendu à 21 et ça indique 26. L’avantage de jouer en ligne est qu’on joue autant qu’in veut, sans que nos adversaires se tannent.

  • Authentic Clue gameplay but GREEDY microtransactions
    By RReavern

    The gameplay is authentic and fun, but I hate the overpriced microtransactions! Unlocking a single new character costs nearly the same price as the game itself and extra content CANNOT be earned thru gameplay — only $$! Perhaps if MTs were $1 each, I’d buy a few to support the game because I like it, but I refuse to pay so much for cosmetic junk, so I will NEVER spend more money on this game.

  • New theme ideas?
    By Gdhsjhsh

    I love this game!! I play it everyday, I especially love the different themes and players. Maybe some ideas for new themes?: -New York - Rock and Roll band - Asia - High School - Decades: 1960s-1980s - Candyland - Sports - Summer camp - Hospital - underwater - In space Etc.. just some options. Keep updating. I love it :)

  • Just play the board game
    By AP 3

    Play the board game until this is like that.

  • 4 étoiles?
    By Hernione77

    C’est super sauf que je trouve triste qu’il faut payer pour avoir plus de personnages et plus d’endroits à jouer.

  • Clue
    By tscha

    Love it but bring back earned hints in regular game. Makes me play more on the chance of getting some

  • Feature request
    By ._-Mike-_.

    First of all, great adaptation of the original board game! My wife and I have a great time playing together. But at the end of the game we like to share our reasoning and progress by comparing our respective Clue Sheets. The way we do it now is by taking a screen capture of each section of the Sheet near the end of the game - when we don’t forget. When the game ends, since we don’t have access to our Clue Sheet anymore, we compare notes by comparing the pictures taken. It’s crude, but it’s fun. :) It would be a great addition to the game if we could still have access to the Clue Sheet after the game has ended.

  • Games good
    By Acez&Eightz

    Games good having to buy everything after buying the game suckz

  • Cluedo
    By vmfmvmemvmf

    Clue is the best game ever